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Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Is your home due for new sliding glass doors? Finding the best option for your budget and needs can be a daunting task. Door materials and styles are two significant factors that go into the decision, but you should also look at energy efficiency, strength, and security when choosing your patio sliding doors. Let us guide you and help you to make the right decision.

Every set of All-American Exteriors sliding glass doors comes with a roller system designed for quiet movement and smooth operation. All of our doors are installed by professionals who ensure that your home remains secure and structurally sound, and that doors are properly sealed to prevent energy from being wasted.

Sliding Glass Patio Door Materials

The first step when shopping for sliding glass patio doors is to choose the door material you would like. Aluminum and vinyl are the two most common manufacturing materials for sliding doors. Compared to wood, which will decay over time and require replacing, aluminum and vinyl are durable options for sliding glass door replacements.


Aluminum doors are known for being lightweight and remarkably strong. They generally have slimmer and more streamlined frames, resulting in a sleek appearance, increased light entry, and a fuller viewing area. Aluminum also takes paint well, allowing for a custom appearance and finish that will satisfy you for years.

Our doors are made from extruded aluminum, which is incredibly durable and delivers exceptional structural integrity. These sliding glass patio doors will resist water and insect damage and are fitted with corrosion-resistant hardware.

While choosing aluminum over vinyl raises sliding glass doors prices, many select this material for its strength, appearance, and added home value.


Vinyl is an excellent choice for Florida homes, as it is a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise when it comes to insulation, durability, and appearance. Due to the nature of the material, vinyl doesn’t scratch easily, won’t chip, resists the damaging effects of the elements, and is easy to clean.

However, vinyl cannot be painted or stained. Though this is not likely, vinyl can be susceptible to discoloration in cases of extreme weather. If your vinyl doors become discolored, or if you want to update the existing color, you must replace the whole door.

Energy Efficiency

When considering the best sliding glass door replacement, remember to compare the energy efficiency of your options. Glass insulation, construction of the mainframe and sash, sealing, and weatherstripping all come into play when saving you money on heating and cooling.

Glass treatments vary, and the variants make a difference when it comes to keeping the heat and cold out of your home. From insulated to laminated to laminated insulated, sliding glass doors are manufactured at different price points with varying levels of performance. The U-Value of a door refers to how well the doors deter cold, while the Solar Heat Grain Coefficient (SHGC) will tell you how well the doors will keep the heat out. The lower these numbers, the less money you will spend on heat and air conditioning in the long run.

In addition to the quality of glass, interlocking meeting rails, compression seals, and double weatherstripping will maximize your energy efficiency and also keep wind and water out.


Security and Hurricane Protection

Remember security and storm protection when choosing your doors.

Steel-reinforced components such as at the lock rails and interlocks ensure that slider doors are secure and maintain their structural integrity. Anti-lift features keep door panels from being removed when the sliding doors are locked or closed.

With the threat of powerful thunderstorms and hurricanes in Florida, glass that will hold up to strong winds is of the utmost importance. Look for sliding glass patio doors with impact-resistant glass that can withstand hurricane-force winds and repeated impacts while keeping the elements from entering your home. Compared to single-paned annealed glass that will break into large shards upon impact, laminated glass will safely remain in the frame by adhering to the laminate.

In addition to protecting your home from storm damage, hurricane doors absorb sound, greatly reducing outside noise and preventing disruption.

Replacement Sliding Glass Door Styles

Personal style preference will likely be a final deciding factor after considering your budget, material options, and other door features. Whether you would like standard or large sliding glass doors with vinyl or aluminum frames, several style options are available to suit your personal taste.


Classic sliding glass doors comprise generous rails, a clean line design, and plenty of charm. Colonial grids give a traditional feel that will help create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in your home.


Patio sliding doors with contemporary design make for a clean and modern look in your home. Symmetry and minimalist designs make these doors beautiful on their own, but they won’t distract from indoor or outdoor furniture, art, or design. Choosing a modern style for your sliding glass door replacement will make a subtle and striking statement.


If you like the look of French doors but want to save some floor space, consider French-style sliding doors. The design of these slider doors will still give off the elegance of traditional French doors, filling the room with natural light and making a statement, but will save you space and cost that French doors entail.


The width of the rails will affect the look and feel of your patio sliding doors. Smaller rails, often found on modern-style doors, will allow for more light to enter the room and will give a clearer and broader view of the scenery outside. Larger rails, while leaving less space for glass, can make a room feel elegant or refined.

Decorative Handles

Choose from a wide variety of handle designs to find the one that best fits your home. From traditional to sleek to elegant, we have an option that will fit your style and add the perfect touch to your sliding glass door replacement.

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